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 Tymiran Nations(-Incomplete-]

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Tymiran Nations(-Incomplete-] Empty
PostSubject: Tymiran Nations(-Incomplete-]   Tymiran Nations(-Incomplete-] Icon_minitime22/3/2018, 1:46 pm

The World Map Of Tymirius, (-Current Year,4000 ME-)1 Amerus-$1 USD
Tymiran Nations(-Incomplete-] Fantas10

Country Information

Infernium Empire-
Ruler: Enstium Metas XI
Goverment:  Hereditary Dictatorship(-Heir takes rule once previous leader dies-
GDP-§8.79 Trillion Amerus
GDP Per Capita-§6,301
History-Before The Infernium empire, There were the Ebins. The empire started as the prosperous  city state  Of Ebion in 2,000 ME. They always had a large amount of pride. They were very, nationalist. Something which would lead to the rise of imperialism in Ebion. Under the opinion that they should be the rulers of the world, The Ebins grew the size of their military, preparing for war.  The first nation to fall victim, The City state next to them, Reunium fell in  3200 ME.  After Centuries of  Expansion  and Conquering. We see the Modern Infernium Empire.    .

Areic People's Republic
Goverment-One Party State
Ruler- Rhushov Enbios
GDP-§890 Billion Amerus
GDP Per Capita-§8,940

History- The Areic People's Republic was formed from a Coup d'état Of a Theocratic Goverment in which fornerly ruled over the lands. The people we're angry about the genocide of those who did not follow the state relgion. A man by the name Of Tenoin Erushak helped to spark the rebellion In 3800 ME. Afterwards he led it to victory, Hence the capital name,Teno. However, the nation is in a state of decline, War with the Infernium empire and internal an govermental split have it dangerously weakened.

Shuang-Yuang Confederation
Goverment-Confederation(-Elected executive Branch, Chosen by Region Parliments-)
Ruler-Hanabe Ito
GDP Per Capita-§16,910 Armeus
GDP-§2.78 Trollion Armeus
History-  The History of the Confederacy traces back to the beginning of The Modern Era, Where two human ethnic groups had controlled most of the land, The Shuang, And Yuang.  The Grand Majority of the two ethnicities were a mass of belligerent clans, Fighting for regional power. 5 Clans, The Enube, Hakata, Chunqing, And the Manto reigned supreme as the largest clans, Becoming Kingdoms, And Dynasties. The power struggle remained until the Infernium Empire arrived on the scene, Fearing being consumed, The two groups would go towards forming one large nation.  However, the clans had a variety of separate views and customs. As a result, it was decided that There will be a weak central government, And the clans will govern themselves whole adhering to some laws. The Confederation was officially Formed 3721.

United States Of Ensiumo
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Tymiran Nations(-Incomplete-]
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