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  Tymirian Magic

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PostSubject: Tymirian Magic    Tymirian Magic Icon_minitime21/3/2018, 11:22 am

Magic came into existence 10,000 BME(Before Modern Era) 14,000 Years ago. 5 objects called the "Machina  Fragments" Fell from the cosmos. The being who created these, known as Machinium, The god of the mystic.  

Only those with a very high amount of magical power know of this being's, along with the other god's existances.
The 4 Basic  Elemental Magics

A user Of infernium magic bends flames amd the heat to their wills.
The power of ice, very common, but used the best by the humans of the confederation.

To let the power of electricity flow trough you, is to use fulgur magic, once again,  A very common magoc

A ventaius user uses the power of the winds for their attacks.  

The power of darkness itself,used by the most expirienced of magic users, is restricted from the average person, until years of both extensive training, and battle expirience take their affect. In additon, the person must hsve completley gone onto darkness before it can be used.

Luxias- The direct counterance to umbrais. Only usable by those pure of heart.

In edditon, Elemental mixes to create new elemental magics are infact possible. Non-Elemental Magivs also exist

The Machina Fragments can be absorbed for more magical power, They are all heavily Protected By Respective Nations, in order to keep anybody from getting them.
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Tymirian Magic
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