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 World Of Tymirius, History

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PostSubject: World Of Tymirius, History   World Of Tymirius, History Icon_minitime21/3/2018, 9:06 am

Before Tymirius, There were the gods
Enkaios- The god of creation
Kalius-The God of The Sun
Maneius- The Godess Of the sea
And, Machinium, God of the Mystic

Enkaios had made the decison to create the new plam about 8 billion Years ago. Maneius Created the sea, Following Kalius creating a star for the planet to revolve around. Life first begeinning small, and growing larger as time went on. The first life with the abillity of free thought began to apeear 70,000 Years ago. Marking the begeining of the Pre Modern Era(P.M.E). The modern era begins 4,000 years ago, with the species of the planet beung able to strike down a beast known as Qezeqotl.

The gods, seeing the inhabitants of this planet could now take care of themsevles, eventually moved on, leaving the planet behind altogether.
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World Of Tymirius, History
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