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 Example Characther- Thae Odrann

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Example Characther-  Thae Odrann Empty
PostSubject: Example Characther- Thae Odrann   Example Characther-  Thae Odrann Icon_minitime3/9/2018, 10:26 pm

Thae Odrann

Basic Information

Preferred Name: N/A

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Place Of Birth:Ebion, Infernium Empire

Affiliations: Imperial Ground Forces

Occupation: General Of  The Imperial Army

Appearance: Thae is a fair skinned man with a tall stature. Who always keeps his black hair flowing, and unkempt.  His most noteable feature, if not his outfit would be his yellow iris, which almost alwats seemed to have a slight glow.  The man wears a white jacket, the top half of his sleeves have a brown coloration. The neck of his coat has a layer of white fur. He wears a baggy pair of black pants, in which have gold accents.  His sword, A scimitar, is always kept on his left, his dominant hand.

Personality: Thae is very prideful of both his family, and his nation. He is shown to be rutheless when it comes to destroying and conquering if it's for the empire. He usually pays others no mind.  He is shown to lack fear, as he will jump into the front lines with his men without hesitation.

Fulgar, Glacius

Special Magic- Thae is gifted with the abillity to move objects using just his mind. Extremley  heavy objects at that. Once breaking a large amount of buildings in one city during a siege, to use their rubble as weapons.

Weapon of Choice:Scimitar

History:Thae was a boy born to the Odrann clan. A family that has served the infernium empire for many generations as soldiers. The boy did mot have much contact with other children, as he was more concerned with his own training, as he wanted to be useful to the empire.

Odrann enlisted into the army at the age of 17.  Where he rose in the ranks,repetedly showing to have a large amount of skill, and intellect.  When he first became a general at 27, he contributed greatly to the Infernian annexation of The iron dominon of Vinoria. He became notorius for his actions, competley flattening the countrie's cities, genociding the Vinorians, etc.  As of right now,he is still very active in his role as general.
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Example Characther- Thae Odrann
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