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 Roleplay rules

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PostSubject: Roleplay rules   Roleplay rules Icon_minitime22/8/2018, 9:51 pm

Section 1-Magic Creation
When creating Magic Or Spells, make sure that they are aproved by a moderator+ prior to using them.

Section 2- Roleplay Posts
•Don't powerplay/Metagame, this ruins the roleplay for others on the site
EX: Knowing about one's characther despite never meeting them, unless under circumstances that their characther is infamous, famous, ETC.
EX 2: Damaging one's characther without giving them time to react.
•The Post creator reserves the right to kick you out of an RP with GOOD REASON.
•There is no immortal characthers, when your characther enters a fight, wether it be an NPC, Or another player, you can be killed.
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Roleplay rules
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