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 Modern Technology

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PostSubject: Modern Technology   Modern Technology Icon_minitime20/8/2018, 10:35 pm

Tymirius has a post modern level of technology,
Millitary Tech

the first airships were used in battle 300 Years ago, akin to zeppelins used by the germans. However, as air technolgoy continied to develop, more sdvanced airships began to make their apperance, and at the same time, the world's national navies were dismantled. Warmechs are also commonplace within the world's armies.  Some of the strongest mechs are powere by magic as well as circutry
|Airship classes, Weakest to Strongest
-----------Civillian Technology
As stated Before, Tymirius has post-modern technology. For the most part above-ground tubes, and/or umderground tunnels  are used as opposed to ground level roads.  Large scale communication networks exizt across the planet.
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Modern Technology
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