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 Races Of Tymirius

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Average Lifespan-83.6
Humans are a good majority of the world's population,standing at about 42.8%. Humans have a very diverse culture, and are very advanced.  The human ethnic groups use a variety of both languages and their facial features differ for each race.

High Elves

Average Lifespan-82.5

High elves have a scant population. With pnly about 250,000 on tymirius. They are mostly knowm for their bad relations with the other races. Due to the fact that they've long been under the opinon that their the superior race. Which dosen't bode well. A coalliton was formed to stop high elf aggresion,following a war from 3820-3870, known as the fifty years war, the high elf population had higjly diminished. Their civlization is equal to humans in technology.    And are Capable of breeding with humans, and Yomir

Traits: High Elves have a high simmilarity to humans, the diffrence being their extended ears, and with most, of mot all of them having blue eyes and blonde hair.  

Average Lifespan-28.4
The Gehim are a race of humanoid fish that rule the seas. A good  majority of them worship Xlaphrask, A being seem as a god and the creator of  the Gehim. Gehim settlements are on the open ocean away from the coasts of the mainland. As they are not capable of surviving on land without specilized suits, their contact with the other races is quite rare. They have an iron age level of  technology, and are organized into many  belligirent tribes.

Traits- They have either blue or green scales,  depending on which ocean their tribe is located in, the males stand at about  180.34 CM, Or 5'11 By adulthood.  

Average Lifespan:76.5
The Xaellals are a race of arthropods which took a step in the direction of sentience. They are capable of communication trough chemicals, as well as speech. They mostly stay neutral in wars.  showing apathy to the other races. They will however allybwith other races when an event affects them negativly.

Traits- The Xaellals all have a hard exoskeleton. As well as two large antennae protuding from the top of their heads.

Oreuni Drakes

Oreuni drakes are a  split from normal drakes, that being that they are capable of concious thought. And are infact, sapient. Though they have infact shown to be extremley territorial, ontop of being near unable to work in groups with their own, or the other races.

Traits- The Oreuni Drakes are more of a mutation then a seprate species. Different breeds have produced these special drakes. They share the average size of the other drakes.

Average Lifespan- 105.7
The yomir are a race of elves that make there homes in the forests of ensiumo and the confederation.  The yomir have very good relations with most races, the humans especially. It is thoughr that wood elvs split off from high elves 60,000 BME

Traits: Yomir are not unlike high elces. however what seperates the two races would be the dark skin of most yomir.  The yomir also have incredible Longevity, however, the birth rate lf yomir children is quite slow. They are capable of human interbreeding

The Retshuak all operate as one single entity.  The de facto nation they rule, the megemzi horde, is ruled by Galaxiac the Conquerer. A large man wearing a red jacket, wielding a   halberd and shield. The horde formed in 3300, a nomadic people capable of destroying cities by their own physical strength, and magic. However, as of recently the horde had began to fall apart.
Traits-The Retushak's skin are usually in shades of green, or brown. Most Retushak males have a muscular or husky build. However,  on average, they are about 167.64 CM( 5'6) in height by adulthood.  Halflings have been  born on occasion


Haflings are a result of relationships betweem races
High elves,Humans,Yomir,and Retshuak. The exact number isn't known.
The life of a hafling could be a hard one depending on where you live. The  high elves, for example will kill amy haflings they see. Something in which most do not like.
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Races Of Tymirius
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